RedHat OpenShift

Hybrid Cloud Flexibility for Cloud Native Converged Charging

Seamless, Automated Scale-Up and Scale-Out for Real-Time Rating and Charging

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  • Secure on-demand application stacks
  • Code and push simplicity
  • Streamlined workflow delivery

  • Scalable microservice based platform
  • Full converged charging suite
  • 4G and 5G cloud native deployment

Targeted Use-Case Flexibility

Hybrid cloud, multi-segment opportunity coverage

  1. 1.

    Telco cloud deployment

    for 4G/5G monetization

  2. 2.

    Hybrid cloud BSS deployments

    for distributed 4G/5G monetization

  1. 3.

    Network edge deployment

    for private cellular network monetization

  2. 4.

    Public cloud deployment

    for neutral-host network monetization

Your Network, Your Choice

A la carte deployment flexibility

MATRIXX deployment with Red Hat

Hybrid Cloud Flexibility for Cloud Native Converged Charging. MATRIXX and Red Hat are Making It Possible Today.

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MATRIXX Software’s Jennifer Kyriakakis interviews Orange Poland’s Mariusz Gaca about Orange Poland’s agile response to the COVID-19 crisis.


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