MATRIXX Technology Core

Designed to Handle Load and
Complexity at Scale

Purpose-Built, Ground-Breaking Technology

Quicker to market. Faster to revenue. The launch of 5G will reset the performance requirements for telco systems. Legacy technology can’t deliver the ultra-low latency or 100x throughput that 5G will unleash on back-office systems.  The MATRIXX Technology Core can.

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Business Rules Execution

Innovate without scaling compute resources

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Transaction Processing

Process anything and everything in real-time

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Data Management

Handle any load on our proprietary database

“Our technology is different, based on microservices using stateless pods with API access to everything. The database is cloud native, with an all mastered cluster processing fully ACID-compliant transactions across any available pod; no one else has this.”
Marc Price

Lead with Truly Unique Technology

Consumers expect you to give them a better digital experience. The MATRIXX Technology Core makes it possible.

What’s Different About the MATRIXX Technology Core?

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In-Memory Database

Processes fully ACID-compliant transactions with zero contention and extreme efficiency

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Transaction Processing

Unique parallel approach supports high-velocity data access with low, predictable latency

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Decision Engine

Translates business rules into mathematical equations for immediate execution

MATRIXX Real-Time Clustering icon

Real-Time Clustering

Master local nodes and geo-redundant replication ensure a consistent view, always

MATRIXX Adaptive Quota Management icon

Adaptive Quota Management

Dynamic allocation of network resources to deliver precise customer balances

Business Transformation at the Core

Business Rule Execution. Transformed.

Consistent, low latency responses to both your network and your subscribers regardless of business rule complexity.

Market Agility.

Launch new services and offers in hours instead of months.

Application Performance Bottlenecks. Eliminated.

100 customers or 100 million, handle any number of simultaneous transactions, guaranteed to produce the right answer every time.

Single Source of Truth.

A single, extensible data store. Improving IT operations. Delivering customer experience. Powering digital leaders.

Dive Deeper

Learn more about how the MATRIXX Technology Core is different from every other BSS provider.

Digital Commerce Datasheet

Digital Commerce Datasheet

A single platform for managing digital products and traditional network services that delivers an on-demand customer experience.

MATRIXX Digital Commerce:
BSS Reinvented

 A Monetization Platform for Now

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