Telstra deployed Australia's first 4G network, its first 5G commercial network and its first 5G standalone network. They chose MATRIXX to monetize it all.

Customer Case Study: Telstra

Pricing, Packaging and Monetizing all 5G Services

MATRIXX’s flexibility and scalability was essential to Telstra’s transformation of consumer service. As they deploy 5G standalone, Telstra selected MATRIXX to support new business models across consumer, enterprise, wholesale and IoT.


Continued improvement in customer service with faster speeds, greater connection density, and reliable and affordable service even across underserved areas.


A less costly and more flexible alternative to existing MPLS and other networks, with security, reliability, increased speed and greater bandwidth.


A key revenue stream that will use the virtualized capabilities of core and edge radio networks for end-to-end private networks by third parties.


New services supporting a massive number of static and mobile IoT devices with a diverse range of speed, bandwidth and quality of service requirements.

Realizing the Potential of Standalone 5G

The potential for standalone 5G networks is vast. MATRIXX delivers a flexible, nimble and powerful charging engine, enabling Telstra to explore new business models rapidly with little overhead or risk.

Network Slicing

Supports private networks, opening new monetization opportunities from airport security systems to autonomous vehicles.

Pervasive Connectivity

5G SA will replace the wired infrastructure, connecting machinery through wireless sensors.


5G SA makes mission-critical activities possible, such as remote surgery with instantaneous feedback.

Delivering the next-generation of products and services demands collaborative, forward-thinking partners. MATRIXX has proven to be exactly that, delivering mission-critical capabilities for Telstra since 2014.”
Shailin Sehgal Telstra Product Enablement Technology Executive

Supporting Cutting Edge Consumer Applications Since 2014

In 2014, Telstra chose MATRIXX for their “Digital First” program, which moved consumer service transactions online with the dual goal of reducing operational costs and improving the quality of customer service.

Real-time digital experience delivering real business benefits.

Massive reduction in bill shock, inaccuracies, data disputes and write-offs

Increased digital engagement for account changes, top ups and add-ons

Happier customers through real-time alerts on spending, even while roaming

Reimagine Business Models with the MATRIXX Charging Platform

Like Telstra, service providers can make bold choices that reinvent how they deliver value and maintain relevance in a world reshaped by the pandemic. Only MATRIXX enables experimentation at high speed and low risk.

  • Take full advantage of the possibility of 5G SA
  • Experiment with offers/pricing/products with low overhead and low risk
  • Measure business requirement cycles in weeks
Telstra app home screen

“We look forward to continuing our journey together with MATRIXX as a charging provider for both our current and our emerging transformation initiatives.”


Shailin Sehgal
Telstra Product Enablement Technology Executive

How MATRIXX Delivered for Telstra

out of the box icon

Out-of-the-Box Use Cases

Enables the rapid delivery of business requirements without time-consuming customization

API integration icon

API-Based Integration

Allows other network, IT and third-party components to be added quickly without heavy systems integration

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Cloud Native Application

For responsive, scalable and fault-tolerant deployment within private, public or hybrid clouds

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