Yoodo and
MATRIXX Digital Commerce

Discover how the new digital brand, Yoodo, was created to win millennial customers in Malaysia.

Yoodo: You Do It Better

Yoodo is an exciting new digital only brand from the Axiata Group. The service went live in Malaysia in January 2018.

Yoodo Experience

“We needed the systems and expertise to build a disruptive digital operating model — for that we chose MATRIXX Software.”
Farid Yunus
Head of Yoodo

Yoodo’s Ambition

Yoodo wanted to bring a disruptive digital proposition to the Malaysian market.
They partnered with MATRIXX Software to:

Create a service proposition that lets users have full control

Offer a digital only, mobile first experience across the entire customer journey

MVP: The Right Choice

Yoodo wanted to embrace agile methodologies to move fast. They chose to launch with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to get to market today.


  • Needed to bring new thinking to the organization
  • A digital experience was not feasible on existing systems


How they succeeded

  • Tightly managed project scope with minimal integration to legacy
  • Offsite team with CEO support, and external resources bringing specialist skills
  • Created a new standalone digital capability using a hybrid cloud deployment model to run independently of existing infrastructure

The Yoodo service was created with MATRIXX Digital Commerce and launched to friendly users in just five months.

“Traditional mobile operators design plans based on what they want to sell the customer, developing various plans and features that don’t fit most customer’s individual needs.”

Farid Yunus, Head of Yoodo

Yoodo, a New Kind of Mobile Offering

Offering Complete Customization

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