Contributing to the Future of Telco

MATRIXX is helping redefine the standards for the next era of telecommunications

3GPP logo

The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) unites multiple organizations to define and maintain the technology standards for mobile telecommunication services, including new standards for 5G. Member-driven, 3GPP specifications are developed in Working Groups.

Where MATRIXX Is Contributing

3GPP Project Coordination Group (PCG)

TSG RAN (Radio Access Network)

  • RAN WG2
    Radio Layer 2 & 3, Radio Resource Control
  • RAN WG4
    Radio Performance & Protocol Aspects

TSG CT (Core Network & Terminals)

  • CT WG1
    User Equipment – Core Network Protocols
  • CT WG3
    Interworking with External Networks & Policy & Charging Control
  • CT WG4
    Core Network Protocols (Open API)

TSG SA (Service & System Aspects)

  • SA WG1
    System & Service Requirements
  • SA WG2
    System Architecture & Services
  • SA WG5
    Management, Orchestration & Charging
    Gerald Görmer, MATRIXX, Chair of the SA5 Charging Working Group 
  • SA WG6
    Application Enablement & Critical Communication Applications

Linux Foundation logo

Cloud native computing foundation logo

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) hosts critical components of the global technology infrastructure. Running the largest open source developer conferences, CNCF brings together the world’s top developers, end-users and vendors.

CNCF Member

Where MATRIXX Is Contributing

CNF Working Group

  • Defining best practices for cloud native + Kubenative networking applications, aka CNFs (Cloud Native Network Functions)

CNF Test Suite

  • Developing a test suite that can evaluate conformance to cloud native + Kubernative best practices derived in the CNF Working Group


  • Developing a Kubernetes based intent automation solution for infrastructure and network functions


  • Defining, developing and testing APIs that expose network capabilities to enable Network as a Service (NaaS)
LF Networking logo

LF Networking (LFN) software and projects provide platforms and building blocks for network infrastructure and services across service providers, cloud providers, enterprises, vendors and system integrators for rapid interoperability, deployment and adoption.

LF Networking Member

Where MATRIXX Is Contributing

Anuket Assured

Olivier Smith, MATRIXX, Chair

  • Establishing a new conformance program for cloud infrastructure and cloud native workloads along with continuing support for VM based infrastructure and workloads

5G Super Blueprint

  • Exploring interop opportunities between open source and commercial 5G applications and platforms

ONAP CNF Taskforce

  • Coordinating to ensure requirements and tests are established for purposes of inclusion in the Anuket Assured conformance program

TM Forum logo

TM Forum is an alliance of 850+ global companies working together to break down technology and cultural barriers between digital service providers, technology suppliers, consultancies and systems integrators. With TM Forum fostering an open, collaborative environment and practical support, it enables communications service providers and suppliers to transform their business operations quickly, capitalize on the opportunities presented in a rapidly evolving digital world and thrive in the digital era.

TM Forum Member

Where MATRIXX Is Contributing

Open Digital Architecture

Actively collaborating with industry teams in member projects to advance the Open Digital Architecture (ODA) with componentization, application of cloud native principles and further interoperability through Open APIs.

Open APIs

  • Advancing Open APIs within the area of usage and balance management
  • Adopting Open APIs to simplify and speed up the integration of BSS/OSS components
    Open API Certification

Component & Canvas

  • Component – Advancing the definition and specification of the functional aspect of components
    MATRIXX is an ODA Component Directory Partner
  • Technical Architecture – Collaborating on the specification of supporting functions required for a fully functioning component
  • Cloud Native Network – Defining the 5G Converged Charging System in the context of ODA

End to End ODA 

  • E2E ODA Call Flow Use Case – Driving the first use case around usage and balance management

Where MATRIXX Is Contributing

Catalyst Projects

Participating in TM Forum Catalyst projects to drive industry adoption of Open APIs and cloud native solutions for the monetization of 5G


Building Customer Trust Through a Multi-Network Assurance Platform – Phase III

Unlocking B2B2X Value for 5G Smart Spaces – Phase III
2023 Outstanding Catalyst Finalist Award for Business Impact
2023 Outstanding Catalyst Finalist Award for Sustainability & Impact on Society

MATRIXX 2023 Outstanding Catalyst Finalist Award for Business Impact
MATRIXX 2023 Outstanding Catalyst Finalist Award for Sustainability & Impact on Society

Telecom Infra Project logo

The Telecom Infra Project (TIP) is a global community of companies and organizations working together to accelerate the development and deployment of open, disaggregated and standards-based technology solutions that deliver the high-quality connectivity that the world needs — now and in the decades to come.

TIP Compliance Ribbons

MATRIXX awarded TIP Requirement Compliance Ribbon

Awarded for MATRIXX compliance to Open Core Network technical specifications

MATRIXX awarded TIP Requirement Compliance Ribbon

Awarded for MATRIXX CHF Charging Bridge compliance to Open Core Network technical specifications

Where MATRIXX Has Contributed

Open Core Network (Applications & Service Workstream)

  • Defining requirements for interop between open source core network functions and commercial applications like the MATRIXX 4G/5G convergent charging solution
  • Contributing to the development of core network requirements for private 5G

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