MATRIXX is the world’s go-to monetization solution.

Our Vision: To Be the World’s Go-To Monetization Solution

In order to manifest our vision, we believe in living our values:


Leading with innovation requires being open to daring ideas. By being willing to question the status quo, we produce outcomes that move the needle.


We strive to always embody the virtues of respect and honesty by being upfront in saying what we are planning to do and then doing what we promised.


The path of innovation is full of dead ends and never a straight line, and so we embrace the pivot with an all-hands-on-deck, do what needs to be done mindset.

Leadership at a Glance

Founded in 2009, MATRIXX Software was built from scratch to reinvent legacy rating and charging. Fueled by our passion for innovation and led by a strong team of visionaries, we are at the leading edge of 5G transformation.


Laser-Focused on Leading an Industry

Building great software. Investing in customer success. Leveraging culture to win. Our strategic imperatives are clear:

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North Star

Unflinching focus on building and delivering an industry-defining 5G converged charging system enabling communications companies to compete at hyperscale.

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Raving Fans

Meeting and exceeding every customer expectation for both our product and our people, so that together we can redefine monetization of 5G and beyond.

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Empowering and investing in our globally diverse team, spanning more than twenty countries, as the foundation of our strength and innovation.

Our Investors

Top industry operators. Business-transforming venture capital. United in our vision to be accepted as the industry leader for customers looking to maximize value from their network infrastructure.

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