Tata Communications and MATRIXX
Digital Commerce

Tata Communications offers global IoT connectivity via a cloud-based, real-time platform to enterprise customers all over the world.
Discover how.

Tata Communications

Tata Communications is a leading global provider of digital infrastructure and services to large enterprises and other carriers. The company has 8,500 employees, across 38 countries and is part of the $100BN+ Tata Group.

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“We allow enterprises to seize the immense opportunities in a world where people and things are born connected.”
Mick Higgins
Tata Communications
VP of IoT & Mobility

Tata Communications MOVE™ IoT Connect

Tata Communications MOVE™ IoT Connect enables “things” to be born connected. It provides pervasive, secure and reliable IoT connectivity across more than 600 mobile networks in 200 countries and territories through a single integration, allowing multiple networks to be accessed via one SIM or eSIM. Enterprise customers can monitor traffic usage and charges across potentially millions of IoT devices in real-time and manage global connectivity across various networks through one commercial contract.

Tata Communications MOVE™ IoT Connect offers global connectivity through an enterprise portal with programmable APIs and a modern digital experience.


Just Some of the Customers Experiencing Better Digital Connectivity

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A leading global automaker that will build eSIM-based connectivity into its new models to enable advanced telematics and infotainment services

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A global airline offering a secure service to its air and cabin crews to help manage flight manifests and information on a private network

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Smartwatch maker, Omate, incorporated a SIM with highly secure connectivity into its children’s smartwatch

“MATRIXX allows us to support bespoke pricing for multiple customers on a single real-time platform, with rich self-care capabilities that can scale efficiently to match the rapid expansion in demand for connected IoT devices.”

Mick Higgins, VP of IoT & Mobility, Tata Communications

Only MATRIXX: Embracing Cloud Technology

Tata Communications deployed MATRIXX Digital Commerce as part of its cloud-based solution because they wanted to:

  • Deliver real-time visibility of all traffic usage and charges for millions of devices
  • To offer bespoke pricing to support emerging business models
  • Minimize time to market to support aggressive customer launch plans
  • Change the economics of IoT by dramatically lowering the cost to serve
  • Leverage cloud technology for speed, agility and scaling
  • Provide a modern digital experience through abundant self-care capabilities

How MATRIXX Was Able to Deliver the Solution that Tata Communications Needed

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Configuration based software
Enables flexible customer pricing and frequent updates for MNO partners and wholesale price changes

Dollar sign in circular arrows icon

Dynamic charging, IoT scale
Allows charging based on dynamic variables to be executed across potentially millions of devices in real-time

dashboard icon with graphs

Enterprise self-care dashboards
Enable enterprise customers to manage usage across large volumes of devices and accurately predict costs

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