Cloud Native Digital Commerce

Purpose Built to Scale in Every Environment

Cloud Native, Because Your Future Depends on It

Why is cloud native rating and charging essential to success with agile, 5G monetization?

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Infinite Scalability

Network elasticity to support charging for the explosion of devices that are coming.

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Dynamic Configurability

Web-scale architecture to automate development and deployment of highly targeted service offerings.

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Unprecedented Resiliency

Leveraging a microservices-based architecture to ensure high availability under load.

Our resilient, cloud native architecture ensures full availability, harnessing the agility of containers and container orchestration while running efficiently with high physical server utilization.

MATRIXX Converged Charging System

Architected, developed and deployed to scale in response to business needs and network demands

Microservices based, container architecture

scales as needed, harnessing open source tools to optimize resource utilization and automate operational functions

Business logic

executes in parallel streams, harnessing normalization to improve performance with decision tables

Network gateways

may be deployed at the edge and scale independently for event ingestion and load balancing

Stateful data

is managed in all-primary clusters to ensure ACID compliance resilience with ultra-low latency performance

MATRIXX Cloud Native Design

Launch quickly, respond rapidly and heal automatically.

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MATRIXX Digital Commerce deploys microservices as containers for resource isolation and dependency management.

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Container Orchestration

Kubernetes enable management of services in a resource pool abstracted from the underlying hardware.

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Service Mesh

Facilitate service-to-service communication decoupled from application code in a highly dynamic cloud environment.

MATRIXX | Kubernetes Cloud Native Architecture

MATRIXX Cloud Native Architecture

1. Business API Gateway

Provides a secure, configurable and extensible REST API gateway for northbound apps and OSS/BSS integrations.

2. Network Gateway(s)

Network interaction is handled through microservices involving HTTP/2, RESTful and other network protocols including Diameter.

3. Inbound Routing

Load balances and routes all requests to the correct processing pod and manages all responses to the initiator.

4a. Rating Processing Logic

Execute the business logic to process the charging and policy request and create a response. Rate calculations and policy decisions are made extremely quickly and efficiently using linear equations — this MATRIXX technology allows for high throughput and low latencies regardless of whether the pricing model is simple or very complex.

4b. In-Memory Database

Object-oriented database, optimized specifically for telecom style rating and charging volumes. The non-locking transaction model allows multiple reads and updates to the same objects to occur simultaneously while maintaining full transactional integrity and highly consistent latency.

5. Publishing and Auditing

Reliably publish events to the event repository, audit files and high volume, low latency streaming targets.

6. Checkpoint Creation

Processes offline transaction files to periodically recreate a full image of the database and write checkpoint images to be used in the case of disaster recovery and cold start.

7. Transaction Logs, Event Files, Checkpoints

Short-term storage of events and to archive transaction-processing data. The archived data is used during system start-up.

8. Active MQ

Delivers outbound integration to external services.

9. Notifications

Generates templated human-readable messages and delivers to end-customers via push notifications, SMS or email.

10. Payment Gateway

Connects to various payment providers to enable real-time purchases, scheduled payments and threshold-triggered recharges.

11. Event Streaming

Sends event stream data, generated from MATRIXX DCP to consumers, such as Kafka, Google Pub/Sub and ActiveMQ.

12. Event Repository

Long-term storage of events in a database that is available for API query from self-care or other systems and used for general ledger processing to produce daily summary data.

Cloud Native: How Kubernetes Underpins the Future

Cloud native brings new possibilities, but how is it meeting the expectations of digital leaders? Join MATRIXX’s CTO Marc Price and other industry innovators as they take a deeper dive into what cloud native really means for their businesses and why the future must be cloud-based.

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