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Cloud Native, Because Your Future Depends on It

Succeeding with 5G — reaching consumers in new ways, quickly and efficiently experimenting with new business models, realizing all the benefits that 5G networks have to offer — will demand infrastructure and software applications capable of enabling unimpaired agility.

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Infinite Scalability

Network elasticity to support the explosion of devices that are coming.

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Dynamic Configurability

Web-scale architecture to efficiently develop and deploy hyper-targeted micro-offerings.

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Unprecedented Resiliency

Leveraging a microservices-based architecture to ensure high availability under load.

A resilient, cloud native architecture ensures full availability, harnessing the agility of containers and container orchestration while running efficiently with high physical server utilization.

MATRIXX Cloud Native Design

Launch quickly, respond rapidly and heal automatically. It is possible with a cloud native platform that can scale promptly and effectively under load while ensuring high availability despite the uncertainty of specific nodes in a cloud environment.

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MATRIXX Digital Commerce deploys microservices as containers for resource isolation and dependency management.

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Container Orchestration

Kubernetes enable management of services in a resource pool abstracted from the underlying hardware.

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Service Mesh

Facilitate service-to-service communication decoupled from application code in a highly dynamic cloud environment.

Choose High Availability. Zero Downtime.

Stateless Microservices

Harness Kubernetes to operate an N+K replica set, effortlessly managing dynamic needs for required and spare capacity.

Online Upgrades

Achieved with zero downtime, with active processes always managing traffic as passive nodes are updated, including fully automatic data migration to ensure 100% system reliability.

Stateful Transaction Processing

Unparalleled high performance with patented technologies for real-time streaming involving the MATRIXX Technology Core and all-mastered high availability. Harnesses Kubernetes for dynamic and efficient capacity utilization.

Automatic Failover

Designed to fail and be auto-replaced without any loss of data.


Achieved by easily deploying pods on nodes in multiple sites.

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MATRIXX | Deployment of Cloud Native Architecture

MATRIXX Cloud Native Deployment Architecture

  1. 1.

    REST Services Gateway

    Converts simple RESTful API requests from self-care channels and other OSS/BSS systems into a MATRIXX internal messaging format.

  2. 2.

    Network Gateway(s)

    Network interaction handled through microservices involving DIAMETER, SIGTRAN, HTTP/2, RESTful and other network protocols.

  3. 3.

    RT/Inbound Routing

    Load balances, routes all requests to the correct processing pod and manages all responses to the initiator.

  4. 4.

    Processing Cluster

    Executes the business logic to process requests and create responses; as a stateful component, this process includes a fully available all-mastered database for resilient persistent storage.

  5. 5.

    Publishing Cluster

    Reliably publishes events to the event repository to audit files and to high volume, low latency streaming targets.

  1. 6.

    Active MQ

    Delivers outbound integration from MATRIXX to external services.

  2. 7.

    Payment Gateway

    Connects to various payment providers to enable real-time purchases, scheduled payments and threshold-triggered recharges.

  3. 8.


    Generates templated human-readable messages and delivers to end-customers via push notifications, SMS or email.

  4. 9.

    Event Streaming

    Kafka adapter provides real-time access to events as they are produced for use by billing, analytics, campaign management, financial reporting and network management functions.

  5. 10.

    Checkpoint Cluster

    Processes offline transaction files to periodically recreate a full image of the database and writes check point images to be used in the case of disaster recovery and cold start.

Cloud Native: How Kubernetes Underpins the Future

Cloud native brings new possibilities, but how is it meeting the expectations of digital leaders? Join MATRIXX’s CTO Marc Price and other industry innovators as they take a deeper dive into what cloud native really means for their businesses and why the future must be cloud-based.

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