3 Hong Kong replaced legacy infrastructure with next-generation charging to transform business agility.

Customer Case Study: 3 Hong Kong

Digital Monetization for Increased Agility

3 Hong Kong is leveraging their new digital stack to target new customers with:

  • Fully digital user lifecycles
  • Highly customizable plans
  • Share data with friends
  • Hassle-free, no contract plans
  • Add roaming passes on-demand
3 HK app screenshot

MATRIXX Digital Monetization Delivered Agility for 3 Hong Kong

3 Hong Kong needed the agility, performance and scale to monetize any opportunity that a dynamic and competitive market threw at them.


A single platform manages 4G and 5G services, simplifying operations

Cloud Native

Scalable solutions adapt to evolving business needs and market demands

Flexible Integration

Open, flexible APIs for streamlined operations and partner collaboration

Reduced Time-to-Market

Click-not-code agility accelerates market launch

Transforming into a digital telco is necessary to enrich the customer experience and drive subscribership and revenue growth, as customers increasingly become digital citizens in the way they tackle everyday life. 3 Hong Kong will be well positioned to capitalize on the new opportunities as they emerge.”
Cliff Woo Executive Director and CEO, HTHKH

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