Generate More Revenue, Faster

Create New Revenue and Accelerate Time-to-Cash

A Pivotal Capability for Service Providers

Financial agility is about transitioning from revenue collection, the focus of traditional billing systems, to revenue generation that digital monetization enables. With digital monetization, service providers can calculate and display customer charges in real-time, using a unified solution across customer types, networks, payment methods and business lines. It allows for a more dynamic selling approach and a deeper, real-time understanding of product and service performance.

MATRIXX enables service providers to innovate with flexible, dynamic pricing models that respond in real-time to market conditions and customer behaviors. This shift is crucial in a landscape where consumer demands and industry trends are constantly in flux. MATRIXX brings billing and revenue management out from the back office and makes them integral, strategic elements of the business model, driving growth and transforming customer interactions into opportunities for dynamic selling, improving experiences and driving revenue.

Benefits of Financial Agility

Accelerate Time-to-Cash

Evolve beyond 30-day batch billing cycles to daily revenue collection and faster cash flow with options like “buy now” and subscriptions.

Eliminate Silos

Quickly understand portfolio performance across all customer types, networks, payment methods, and lines of business by leveraging a unified monetization platform that streams revenue in real-time to your financial systems.

Actively Engage

Transform from passive, utility-style billing to a model of active engagement, where customers can buy what they need, when they need it.

Enabling Financial Agility for CSPs

While pricing and billing models vary significantly between different customer segments, such as mass-market consumers and wholesale clients, the underlying operational processes can be efficiently streamlined. By transitioning from a fragmented system of silos and batch billing to a cohesive, unified monetization architecture, CSPs can reap substantial cost savings as they eliminate redundant systems and processes. Simultaneously, this unified approach offers deep, actionable customer insights in real-time, facilitating dynamic selling strategies. This transformative journey converts what was once a static process into a proactive, real-time engagement with customers, enhancing interaction and responsiveness.

Financial Agility in Action

To support their strategic business transformation initiatives, Telstra in Australia deployed MATRIXX at their heart of their stack to unify revenue operations across consumer, enterprise, wholesale and IOT segments, across network types and supporting all payment options.

A long-standing MATRIXX customer, Telstra has realized the benefits of financial agility as they have evolved from 4G to 5G and what comes next.

see the Telstra case study

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