Amazon EKS Best Practices For CI/CD Deployment

A Partnership for Web Scale Automation

Two Industry Leaders, Joining Together to Unlock the Benefits of 5G Automation

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Best Practices for CI/CD

  • Automated Releases
  • Safe Deployments
  • Repeatable Infrastructure Changes
MATRIXX Software

Cloud Native Charging @ Web Scale

  • Elasticity & Resilience
  • Efficiency & Automation
  • Platform Independence

MATRIXX Announces Availability on AWS Outposts, Creating New Edge Monetization Opportunities for Telecom

Tasked by a Leading Telco to Jointly Develop and Deploy a CI/CD Pipeline, MATRIXX & AWS Partnered to Harness Web Scale for Their 5G Deployments

  • Maximizing configurability, leveraging open-source principles
  • Enabling elasticity and resilience for autonomous business functions
  • Harnessing API-first architecture to enable process automation
  • Accelerating go-to-market innovation and optimized service management

Out-of-the-Box, Zero-Touch Deployment Pipeline for MATRIXX



Managed GIT service for managing source code and version controlling of MATRIXX releases


Used to build, integrate and test MATRIXX code before deployment


Provides orchestration of MATRIXX microservices from build, test, deploy and monitor stages


Used to automatically deploy MATRIXX approved code


Provides teams with tools to analyze and troubleshoot performance of MATRIXX Kubernetes at Cluster / Node / microservice level

Out-of-the-Box, Zero-Touch Deployment Is the Future of 5G. MATRIXX and AWS are Making It Possible Today

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