Ooredoo and
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Ooredoo quickly launched innovative new digital offerings in Oman.
Discover how.

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Ooredoo: Giving Customers What They Want, Now.

Ooredoo Oman knew that their customers’ expectations were changing. They wanted to invest in an experience that could evolve the group brand into a digital service provider. The New Shababiah digital proposition went live in April 2018.


“Our customers have very high expectations for their digital experience.”
Ian Dench
Ooredoo Oman

Ooredoo’s Ambition

Ooredoo wanted to move quickly to transform their brand, embracing an agile development approach to get to market in under six months. Rather than trying to launch new capabilities as part of a multi-year IT transformation of existing infrastructure, they instead built a new digital service platform capable of delivering innovative, new customer experiences now. They partnered with MATRIXX Software to:

  • Create a breakthrough digital service proposition for their flagship Omani brand, based on simplicity, personalization and real-time control
  • Make it easy for existing customers to start using the new digital service
  • Future-proof the brand for digital services


Ooredoo announces their new digital service proposition at MWC 2018.

MVP: The Right Choice

Ooredoo wanted to do things differently

  • Embrace agile development to get new capabilities to market quickly
  • Use consumer feedback to guide continuous development
  • Leverage a richer digital experience to build a stronger Ooredoo brand

They chose to launch in phases, focusing on a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach for new pre-paid customers.


  • Want to launch in an aggressive time frame, less than six months
  • Need for meaningful progress after many disappointing transformation efforts
  • Demand for continuous innovation and a real digital experience meant that ‘just another BSS upgrade’ would be insufficient


How they succeeded

  • Tightly managed project scope with minimal integration to legacy
  • Empowered team with CEO support, and a mandate for radical change
  • Created a new, digital capability using an on-premise deployment model able to run independently of existing infrastructure

Ooredoo wanted to do things differently

“We chose MATRIXX Software to fast-track our digital transformation and to make it possible to set a new benchmark for customer experience in Oman.”

Ian Dench, CEO of Ooredoo Oman

MATRIXX Was Able to Deliver the Fast-Track Solution Ooredoo Wanted by Providing:

Configuration based software that enabled the rapid delivery of business requirements without any customization

Out-of-the-box use cases so that commercial teams could quickly select the building blocks for a differentiated proposition


API-based integration which allowed key network and ERP systems to be added quickly without heavy systems integration


Ooredoo, Enriching People’s Digital Lives

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