MATRIXX Digital Commerce

Network & Service Monetization at Web Scale

Web Scale Monetization for the 21st Century Operator

Next-generation rating and charging is only the beginning. MATRIXX Digital Commerce includes the components operators need for modern, web scale monetization. The result is a supercharged OCS | CCS that supports commerce models across:

  • Wholesale
  • NaaS
  • Enterprise
  • Private Networks
  • Consumer
  • Multi-Brand Environments

Why MATRIXX Digital Commerce

Enables Web Scale

  • Provides elasticity & resilience
  • Scales automatically & efficiently
  • Supports hybrid environments
  • True platform independence

Unifies Networks & IT

  • APIs expose network & business functions
  • Closed-loop customer engagement
  • Service lifecycle agility

Unlocks New Business Models

  • eSim, new connected devices
  • Emerging charging models
  • Supports B2C, B2B & B2B2X

MATRIXX Bridges the Gap Between Network & IT

MATRIXX is the only solution architected with the resilience and performance of a network function and designed with the configurability of an IT application. Break down the silos between network & IT and set your business to hyper scale.

MATRIXX bridges gap between Network and IT diagram

Simply recreating existing applications as ‘digital’ isn’t good enough. We believe that the technology developed by MATRIXX Software can help every operator achieve its transformation objectives.”
Susan Buttsworth CEO, 3 International Opportunities Development

This Is How MATRIXX Unlocks Rapid Innovation

click icon

No Code Configuration

  • Click-not-code philosophy puts control of business logic in business hands
  • Accelerate time-to-market, enable experimentation and a ‘Yes’ culture
API integration icon

API-First Design

  • RESTful APIs for seamless integration with all business operations
  • Sell more. Sell faster. Create real-time connections between channel apps and network elements for instant digital interactions
cloud native icon

Cloud Native Architecture

  • Cloud native solution for rapid response to dynamic market needs
  • Lower cost of operations with built-in functions & integration with state-of-the-art open source tools for automation, auto-scaling, and auto-healing

A Converged Charging System. Supercharged.

MATRIXX Digital Commerce is a complete reinvention of rating and charging for 4G OCS and 5G CHF/CCS. We give operators the flexibility, scalability and performance they need to compete and win today and into the future.

MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform

MATRIXX Digital Commerce Also Provides:

  • Cloud native, microservices architecture
  • 4G OCS
  • 5G converged charging (CHF/CCS)
  • API gateway for app and OSS/BSS integration
  • Configurable technical product catalog
  • Native policy control
  • Native circuit-switched voice/SMS charging
  • Payment gateway adapters
  • Non-telco event-based charging
  • Contracts and device financing
  • GL reporting and taxation

Dive Deeper

Learn more about how MATRIXX Digital Commerce brings traditional charging, policy and circuit-switched control functions together with modern commerce tools into a single platform.

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