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Redefine Network and Service Monetization

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Introducing MATRIXX DCP

MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform (DCP) is the industry’s leading cloud native rating and convergent charging solution. Service providers worldwide use the MATRIXX DCP to innovate and create outstanding and profitable customer experiences on 3G, 4G, VoLTE, IoT and 5G networks alike without compromising on performance.

The MATRIXX platform delivers the performance and resiliency of a network function and the configurability of an IT application, unifying IT and networks. MATRIXX can replace outdated Online Charging System (OCS) infrastructure and act as the Convergent Charging System (CCS) for 5G deployments.


Built with an API-first design atop a lightweight microservices architecture, MATRIXX DCP provides a no-code environment that is easy to configure, fast to deploy and capable of serving heterogenous network environments from a single, extensible platform. Massively scalable and highly efficient to operate, the MATRIXX platform enables operators to efficiently automate operations, monetize new services and hyper-scale offerings, all at web speed.

Cloud Native

  • Microservices architecture, isolated stateful components
  • Web scale elasticity, resilience and CI/CD pricing automation
  • Public, private cloud and on-premise deployment options

Unified Commerce

  • Extensible data model, rate any service (4G, 5G, IoT and Fixed)
  • Charging+ key commerce functions to enable real-time monetization
  • Consolidate BSS stacks (B2C, B2B and MVNO) on one platform


  • Rich set of APIs including catalog, pricing and lifecycle
  • Data and functions exposed consistently to all channels
  • Simplifies integration with northbound BSS systems


  • Template-based pricing, zero customization
  • Product building blocks to create any use case
  • Self-sufficient, agile operation

High Performance Technology Core

  • Predictable low latency real-time performance
  • Purpose-built, optimized transactional database
  • Instant interactions, on-demand digital experience

5G CHF/CCS Architecture

  • Real-time charging and dynamic pricing
  • Agile service innovation with personalized offerings
  • Efficient scalability for high transaction volumes
MATRIXX Technology Core

Converged Charging, Supercharged

At its heart is a 3GPP-compliant Online Charging System (OCS) supporting 2/3/4G cellular networks and a Converged Charging System (CCS) supporting 5G, both delivered from the same platform.

MATRIXX DCP provides a bridge between northbound IT systems (such as customer engagement systems and billing platforms) via open APIs and southbound 4G and 5G network core environments via Diameter or an HTTPv2 Service-Based Interface.

This bridging role enables the platform to provide agile and adaptable monetization solutions that support prepaid, postpaid and pay now consumers, enterprise, IoT, Industry 4.0 and private network opportunities. Furthermore, the platform is access-network agnostic, offering the same monetization solution to support services provided over cellular, fixed, wi-fi and LPWAN networks.

Simply recreating existing applications as ‘digital’ isn’t good enough. We believe that the technology developed by MATRIXX Software can help every operator achieve its transformation objectives.”
Susan Buttsworth CEO, 3 International Opportunities Development

Dive Deeper

Learn more about how MATRIXX Digital Commerce brings traditional charging, policy and circuit-switched control functions together with modern commerce tools into a single platform.

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MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform

MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform

A single platform for managing digital products and traditional network services that delivers an on-demand customer experience.

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