Shatter the Constraints of Legacy Billing

Digital monetization is more than just a technological advancement. It is a business imperative for communications service providers looking to innovate, compete and grow. The MATRIXX platform empowers a deeper level of customer engagement with real-time insights and unparalleled agility, laying the foundation for services that will define telco’s future.

Legacy billing processes remain rooted in the past and obstruct digital telco operations. Silos persist between prepaid, postpaid and pay now customers. Distinct rating, charging and billing processes generate errors, requiring significant audit, review and retrospective revenue management effort. And charging and revenue data locked in separate systems prevent telcos from delivering a digital experience to all customer segments.

MATRIXX is Redefining Monetization for the Modern Telecom Industry

Transform Monetization with Unmatched Agility

The future of billing is digital monetization, a paradigm that breaks free from the limitations of conventional Business Support Systems (BSS) to provide enhanced commercial, customer and operational agility. MATRIXX leads the industry in helping service providers make the most of this innovative approach.

A Multi-Patented, Award-Winning, Digital-First Reinvention of BSS

MATRIXX is at the forefront of the industry’s transformation from legacy BSS architectures towards a new set of digital business architecture principles that are grounded in TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture. Our real-time platform unifies rating, charging and revenue generation functions to deliver digital experiences, visibility and control to all your customers.



Create and launch new products and services quickly through a click-not-code configuration tool.


Engage customers through digital channels with real-time information, important notifications, and offerings that will improve their customer experience.


Break out of legacy pricing models and generate new revenues with a flexible and unified rating and charging engine that supports new business models.


Stream real-time event information for AI/ML, ERP, invoicing and other systems to provide real-time revenue visibility to the business.

Digital Leaders Lead with MATRIXX

See how our customers are reinventing agility to compete with web scale players.

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Contributing to the Future of Telco

MATRIXX is helping redefine the standards for the next era of telecommunications.

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Digital Monetization for the Growth-Centric CSP

MATRIXX sits at the heart of a transformed telecom operating environment, unifying all monetization functions across businesses. Functions are modular and reusable, delivering real-time revenue generation and creating an agile, growth-centric Communication Service Provider (CSP). MATRIXX is the only platform that enables CSPs to overcome the limitations of traditional systems, delivering increased agility and a foundation for cost-efficient and seamless digital transformation.

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