MATRIXX Presents Innovative Monetization Solution at Deutsche Telekom Campus Fair 2023

Nicole Biel

MATRIXX Software was delighted to join key industry vendors at this year’s Deutsche Telekom (DTAG) Campus Fair in Bonn. The fair presented an incredible networking opportunity for MATRIXX, enabling meaningful conversations with many Deutsche Telekom experts from different countries, our partners and DTAG’s MBA students, aptly named Chief Tomorrow Officers.

This year, our discussions revolved around MATRIXX’s unique approach to monetization. We showcased how our company’s founding principles drive us to create and deliver an architecturally integrated platform that meets service providers’ monetization needs today and into the future.

DTAG representatives were impressed by several aspects of our platform:

  1. How MATRIXX’s real-time 5G cloud native converged charging and commerce platform supports innovative monetization models for consumer, enterprise, IoT, wholesale and B2B2X with a single, configurable product.
  2. Our network-facing APIs that seamlessly integrate with 4G/LTE, 5G, edge, fixed, cloud, cable, satellite and private networks.
  3. Service providers currently innovating with MATRIXX, including Tier 1 operators such as DISH, Swisscom, Telefonica, Orange Poland, TELUS, Telstra and many more.
  4. The influential role MATRIXX plays in shaping the future of telco by contributing to industry associations such as 3GPP PGC, The Linux Foundation, multiple TM Forum Catalyst projects and Camara, among others.

Together with our partners, Blue Planet and Microsoft, we demonstrated that unified service and network orchestration, coupled with agile real-time monetization across multi-vendor domains, is essential to successfully implementing and growing revenues from 5G core and edge resources at scale.

Discover more here: Blue Planet | MATRIXX Software

MATRIXX at Deutsche Telekom Campus 2023

(Left to right) Nicole Biel, MATRIXX Senior Director Marketing EMEA, in conversation with Dominique Leroy, Member of the Board of Management Deutsche Telekom AG for Europe, and Armin Sumesgutner, SVP Technology Delivery International, Deutsche Telekom.

(Left to right) Abel Da Costa, MATRIXX Presales Manager EMEA, Nicole Biel, MATRIXX Senior Director Marketing EMEA, Claudia Nemat, Member of the Deutsche Telekom AG Board of Management, Technology and Innovation, and Arash Ashouriha, SVP Group Technology Innovation, Deutsche Telekom.

MATRIXX at Deutsche Telekom Campus 2023

Nicole Biel, MATRIXX Senior Director Marketing EMEA in a discussion with DTAG’s future Chief Tomorrow Officers.

About Our Platform

MATRIXX extends well beyond the basic rating and charging capabilities of traditional systems, offering a rich set of convergent charging and monetization features that are immediately functional upon deployment.

Designed from the beginning to be modular and extensible, MATRIXX features a microservice-centric, cloud native architecture that can be deployed on bare metal as well as a variety of private, public and hybrid clouds. By leveraging industry-standard, cloud native containerization and orchestration technologies, including Kubernetes with 100% native controls and without the need for external provisioning overlays, our software blends flexibility, scalability and portability.

The Time to Rethink BSS is Now

According to McKinsey, 50% of new revenue will come from yet-to-be-developed products, services and businesses by 2026. To remain competitive, it’s crucial to transition from the slow, custom development timelines typical of legacy vendors. MATRIXX fuels growth, driving a dynamic model of digital monetization that ensures quick market entry, rapid revenue collection and operational autonomy that spurs innovation.

The time to rethink BSS and billing is now. It’s time for a change; it’s time for innovation.

Watch our short video: MATRIXX Benefits: Agility You Need for Tomorrow, Today

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