Be a leader in the digital economy

MATRIXX enables service providers to innovate and profit from the transition to digital.

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Real-time solutions that power your business

A radically innovative approach to serving the online demands of service providers, delivering the platform to launch a new era in customer interaction.

How we’re different

Designed for The
Digital Experience

Your customers want an experience to match their digital lifestyles. Our approach delivers a real-time experience your customers will love.

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Better Software
Without Customization

Serving today’s market with yesterday’s technology is challenging. Our modern software relies on configuration, not bespoke customization, to quickly rollout digital services without impacting performance.

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Differentiate Your

Stay ahead of your competition with innovative data propositions, highly segmented offers, increased personalization and best in class self-care.

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Lower Your Cost
to Serve

Our real-time platform delivers comprehensive self-service with a step change reduction, from dollars to cents, in the cost to serve each digital transaction.

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