10 Ways to Make Money with 5G

Your Playbook for 5G Monetization

5G Is Creating New Opportunities

Attractive demos. Tremendous speed. Consumer excitement. What’s the plan for transforming that raw possibility into actual revenue?

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New Potential. New Income Streams.

What worked with 4G will only get you so far. Success with 5G will require some new thinking. We have created a 5G Monetization Checklist for what you will need. Get the ebook to view the full checklist.

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Highly Configurable Pricing

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Experimentation via Flexible Promotions

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Speed and Latency-Based Plans

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All Digital Journeys

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Web Scale Resilience and Elasticity

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B2B2C Models

Start Today. Lead Tomorrow.

Winning with 5G means rethinking monetization strategies — taking advantage of the initial use cases now, and putting in place the framework for more sophisticated use cases that are coming.

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Today: Fixed wireless access for consumers

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Tomorrow: Hyper-segmentation of services

Getting It Right in Real-Time, at Infinite Scale

Consumers are starting to get excited about 5G, but how can providers turn this energy into revenue? It starts with digital experience, service agility and scalable performance. Explore real-world use cases and some of today’s most promising monetization opportunities in this playbook for digital leaders.

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