5G: A Network for All Reasons

Monetizing Every Device, Every Customer, Every Thing.
Expansive Digital-First Commerce.

New Radio. New Core. New Commerce.

It’s time to re-imagine digital commerce. 5G brings in an era of highly complex, fine-grained offerings covering consumer, enterprise and IoT.

Network Slicing: Unleashing the Real Value of 5G

Time for a single source of digital commerce truth

Time for a single source of digital commerce truth

• Per virtual segment monetization potential

• Rich seam of tuneable opportunity triggers

• Increased depth of new product catalog offerings

• Slice on demand with control where it should be

Re-Imagining the 5G Digital Journey

5G will drive many diverse monetization opportunities. As its launch is timed perfectly with shifting expectations from customers along with the adoption of emerging technologies, the digital journey ahead will be compelling. Very compelling.

5 Key Opportunities in 5G

5 Key Opportunities in 5G

5G presents a number of opportunities to monetize. From network slicing to enhanced broadband and beyond, consumers and businesses comparatively will benefit from this new digital era.

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Evolving Digital Commerce Architectures

While 5G will bring some fundamental changes to digital commerce, the MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform is equipped to deliver the scale, agility and performance required for this evolution.

Reaping the Digital Dividend

Think big. Start small. Act quickly. A perspective on how telcos should be preparing monetization opportunities ahead of the arrival of 5G based on a digital first, digital now strategy.

Getting It Right in Real Time, Every Time

Only MATRIXX Software can deliver real-world solutions for digital commerce in every vertical, every slice, every transaction, every millisecond to millions of customers in real time.

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