Celebrating MATRIXX Success in 2022

Jennifer Kyriakakis

2022 saw the world enter the third year of the global pandemic, which accelerated the integration of digital technology into all areas of business and heightened an already obvious need for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to transform in order to remain competitive in an increasingly dynamic and changing market.

Over this time, service providers have increasingly looked to MATRIXX for a modern monetization platform that can provide the tools and capabilities needed to generate new sources of revenue and value from their network infrastructure. I wanted to celebrate some highlights of the past year as we look forward to 2023.

AWS Outposts

In February, MATRIXX announced the availability of the cloud native MATRIXX convergent charging and monetization platform on AWS Outposts by Amazon Web Services (AWS). By running MATRIXX on AWS Outposts, global CSPs gain an industry-leading edge cloud monetization solution that delivers the cost savings and scalability of public cloud as well as the privacy and performance of on-premise deployments.

O2 Telefónica

In March, MATRIXX announced it was chosen by O2 Telefónica Germany as the monetization solution for services running on Google Cloud’s Confidential Computing. In a first step, O2 Telefónica is using MATRIXX for its digital B2B office solutions, followed by modern, all-IP fixed-net, SD-WAN and 5G solutions in the future.

Liberty Latin America

Also in March, MATRIXX announced that Liberty Latin America has selected MATRIXX as part of their ongoing digital evolution in Latin America and the Caribbean. This is the second property for which LLA selected MATRIXX following their April 2021 selection of MATRIXX for customers in Puerto Rico.

Vodafone New Zealand

In April, we announced that Vodafone New Zealand extended its long-time partnership with MATRIXX. With this announcement, MATRIXX provides enterprise-wide monetization for all lines of business, including postpaid, prepaid, wholesale and IoT customers. Shortly after this announcement, Vodafone New Zealand expanded its wholesale business by launching an innovative new Mobile Virtual Network Operator platform monetized by MATRIXX.

StarHub Singapore

In May, we announced that StarHub Singapore selected MATRIXX as a key component of their transformed digital IT infrastructure, delivering converged charging in support of mobile postpaid and prepaid customers for both existing 4G and 5G standalone (5G SA) services. This announcement followed StarHub Singapore’s first deployment of MATRIXX in 2019 to support giga!, Singapore’s first-ever fully digital mobile service brand designed to meet the unique needs of the country’s 1.2 million millennials.


In June, MATRIXX announced that Swisscom, Switzerland’s largest telecom service provider, will deploy MATRIXX as its single, converged monetization platform across all services. With this announcement, Swisscom leads an industry trend for operators to consolidate all services onto a single monetization platform, consistent with the convergent core delivered within 5G SA.


In August, MATRIXX announced it was selected by TELUS Canada as its 5G monetization solution, adding to our growing list of Tier 1 operators, including Telstra, Verizon, Orange and DISH. One of the “big three” major network operators in Canada, TELUS is a world-leading communications company with $17 billion in annual revenue and 17 million customer connections. As the Converged Charging System (CCS) of the TELUS 5G network, MATRIXX will enable new and emerging 5G monetization use cases and opportunities with improved scalability, agility and flexibility, while redefining TELUS’ customer experience with next-generation products and services.

TM Forum Catalyst Award in Best Ecosystem Design

In September, MATRIXX was jointly honored with a TM Forum Catalyst Award in Best Ecosystem Design for the second year in a row. Building on the success of last year’s award-winning project, the Supercharged Edge-Aware Marketplaces solution demonstrated the power of real-time business, network orchestration and insights to unlock 5G monetization opportunities made possible by network slicing and multi-access edge computing (MEC). Project partners included Verizon, Vodafone Group, Blue Planet, Gotransverse and Salesforce.

Expanded Partnerships

Over the course of the year, MATRIXX expanded partnerships with seven key solutions providers, including Google Cloud, AWS, IBM and ServiceNow.

The Future of Telco

Finally, MATRIXX continues to contribute to the future of telco as chair of the 3GPP SA5 Charging Working group, co-chair of the ETSI 3GPP Meeting Hosting Advisory Group and chair of the Conformance and Verification of Cloud Native Infrastructure and Workloads Group at the Linux Foundation.

Discover more about how CSPs worldwide are unlocking the potential of 5G in our eBook.

It’s been an amazing 2022 for MATRIXX, and we are just getting started.

Happy New Year 2023! See you in Barcelona at MWC.

Jennifer Kyriakakis
Founder, Chief Marketing Officer

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