Inside MATRIXX 2023 and What’s in Store for 2024

Jennifer Kyriakakis

As we look forward to what the new year will bring, I would like to reflect on our journey over the last 12 months, which started with an incredible Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2023.

During MWC, numerous service providers (SPs) shared with us the ongoing challenges with their existing billing and charging solutions. Either legacy-based or not as cloud native as advertised, SPs continue to struggle with monetization solutions that lack business flexibility and scalability, resulting in major project bottlenecks, delayed market entry and unforeseen costs. As a result, they are still chasing sustainable growth, with the unfortunate reality of stifled innovation and the inability to capitalize on the network investments that will drive new 5G revenues. Moreover, with digital advancements in other industries and shifting customer demands, real-time monetization is needed more than ever.

In contrast, SPs that have deployed MATRIXX are rapidly launching and monetizing personalized, innovative offers. They are launching in days instead of weeks or months. And their monetization platform delivers accurate, real-time information to improve customer engagement. Our customers achieve Net Promoter Scores of up to 77 points, retention rates of 95% and a 90% reduction in time-to-market — a testament that a new approach to Business Support Systems (BSS) can deliver sustainable success.

For those reasons, SPs across the global, including DISH, Swisscom, Telefónica O2 Germany, TELUS, Telstra, and Tata Communications, rely on MATRIXX to overcome the limitations of traditional BSS. It’s also why AT&T Mexico, Liberty Latin America and StarHub chose MATRIXX and expanded their partnerships with us to increase commercial innovation and real-time customer experiences that drive revenue and growth opportunities across multiple lines of business.

Let’s review last year’s achievements:

Innovation Is Our Heartbeat: MATRIXX Digital Monetization

In response to our customers‘ continued need to transform operations through digital business architectures, we introduced our digital monetization solution in September — a re-imagined approach to revenue management that facilitates retiring legacy billing systems and processes, sheds associated costs, reduces call center complaints and enables a real-time digital-first customer experience.

Leveraging TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture

MATRIXX monetization is based on a modern digital business architecture conforming to TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture, enabling new use cases that existing billing and charging systems cannot support. Architected to seamlessly operate in a multi-vendor landscape, MATRIXX’s digital monetization solution solves the challenges of inflexible, costly, and siloed billing platforms and processes that continue to plague telcos.

Convergence is at the heart of the modern telco. For too long, telco architecture has embraced, or tacitly ignored, inefficient silos. SPs can better engage with the digital economy and become digital themselves by breaking down architectural silos and enabling seamless information flow between systems.

MATRIXX Is Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

In January of 2023, we announced that MATRIXX is available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, an online store providing applications and services for use on Azure. Our cloud native monetization platform offers SPs a rich set of monetization capabilities, making it easier to maximize 5G revenue opportunities. Deploying MATRIXX on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) enables SPs to leverage the full advantages of the trusted Azure cloud platform for mission-critical monetization of emerging and innovative services.

AT&T Mexico

In February we announced that AT&T Mexico extended their partnership based on our proven simplicity of operations, self-service manageability and commercial transformation mindset. Launched in early 2022, AT&T Mexico will continue to leverage MATRIXX’s cloud native, real-time monetization solution for the next phase of its digital transformation. Looking into the future, AT&T Mexico will also be able to harness MATRIXX’s cloud native architecture for its emerging 5G and public cloud infrastructure investments.


As we moved into March, we shared the news that StarHub is partnering with us to enable their digital transformation. A Tier 1 telco in Singapore, StarHub delivers world-class communications, entertainment, and digital services while providing a modern app-based customer experience. The StarHub App is a one-stop shop for customers to explore, purchase, pay for and manage existing and new services. StarHub App is powered by a comprehensive, microservices-based digital BSS suite and modern converged charging solution from MATRIXX and our partner Tech Mahindra.

Partnering with Blue Planet to Deliver Dynamic Monetization and Intelligent Automation at Scale

In May, we announced our partnership with Blue Planet, a division of Ciena, to offer intelligent automation solutions. Together we are providing an integrated solution that enables SPs to dynamically orchestrate and charge for complex networks, mobile edge computing and cloud environments at scale for advanced consumer and enterprise services. The solution supports multi-party charging and revenue sharing across business-to-business-to-everything (B2B2X) value chains. SPs and their partners can leverage the full potential of these advanced resources, resulting in enhanced, innovative customer experiences enabled by the configurability of 5G and edge networks.

Partnering with Celfocus to Create AI-Powered Hyper-Personalization

In June, we announced that Celfocus has integrated MATRIXX into its Cognitive solution to unleash the power of MATRIXX customer and monetization data streams. The solution enables telcos to deploy a real-time and data-driven ecosystem that enhances customer engagement through unique and highly relevant offers and experiences. For telcos, the platform can identify potential churn behavior, be trained to recognize fraud patterns in real-time and predict network traffic and congestion to adapt network capacity and improve the quality of service.

AI models will play a major role for telcos as both a cost-savings tool and a top-line revenue driver with capabilities to provide accurate information and personalization options for individual consumers. For these benefits to be realized, AI must be integrated with monetization. Working with MATRIXX, Celfocus can offer the hyper-personalized consumer insights that telcos seek, as well as the engine to leverage those insights in real-time, all in an easily integrated, off-the-shelf platform.

MATRIXX Joins the Competitive Carriers Association (CCA)

In August, we announced our partnership with the Competitive Carriers Association (CCA), the leading association for competitive wireless providers and stakeholders in the United States. As a member of CCA, MATRIXX will work closely with regional providers to create specialized services and promotions that harness their unique strength: community connections. MATRIXX is working with regional providers to design and deliver services that resonate deeply with their customers, for example, bundled services with unique features such as group plans with data allowance transfers, or by partnering with local businesses for cross-promotions and targeted offers. Operated fully in the cloud, the MATRIXX solution enables rapid expansion of services without the need for a major IT overhaul.

iD Mobile

Winter started with an announcement that iD Mobile, Curry’s award-winning Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), extended their partnership with MATRIXX. Our digital monetization solution provides the customer charging flexibility needed for iD Mobile to continue offering innovative, affordable plans to UK consumers and sustain their growth as one of the country’s fastest-growing MVNOs. As the platform for all online charging, MATRIXX’s digital monetization solution supports iD Mobile’s innovative feature set — including bill capping, data rollover and free roaming in 50 destinations — all of which rely on our robust monetization solution to ensure customers are charged correctly.

Partnership with NextGen

To cap the year, we announced that NextGen, headquartered in Tokyo, partnered with MATRIXX to offer a solution that integrates all billing into one platform. Leveraging MATRIXX digital monetization at its core, NextGen has developed a solution that comprehensively supports MVNO and MVNE business operations, launched for a major telecommunications and information company in Japan. The company plans to continue to expand this offering to other Japanese telcos and MVNOs.

Our Outlook for 2024

Given the focus on rapidly monetizing 5G and delivering early returns on major investments, 5G-ready real-time monetization is a critical strategy. Now is the time to rethink revenue management, to ditch the silos and lose the complexity of legacy billing solutions.

Together with our Founder and Chief Scientist, Dave Labuda, our Chief Revenue Officer, André Gunnberg, and our Chief Technology Officer, Marc Price, I will attend Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this February, and we would be truly delighted to meet you! If you would like to connect, please schedule a meeting with us at MWC.

Wishing you a prosperous 2024! See you in Barcelona!

Jennifer Kyriakakis
Founder, Chief Marketing Officer


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