MATRIXX and Oracle Successfully Validate Transformational Digital Monetization Solution in Latin America on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

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MATRIXX Software and Oracle are committed to partnering with telcos around the world as they accelerate their migration to the cloud, enabling CSPs to achieve operational efficiencies, reduce costs and innovate at web scale. MATRIXX and Oracle are pleased to announce a significant milestone in our partnership: we have successfully validated the MATRIXX telco digital monetization solution on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

This achievement underscores MATRIXX and Oracle’s commitment to providing telco operators with reliable, secure and cost-effective options for processing, transmitting and storing customer data and charging information as they transition to the cloud. The partner teams conducted the validation exercise to support a joint Tier 1 customer, reaffirming the flexibility of the MATRIXX cloud native real-time monetization architecture and showcasing the advantages of OCI.

Carrier Grade, Real-Time Monetization in the Cloud

The validation exercise demonstrated several positive aspects of operating the MATRIXX digital monetization solution on public OCI:

OCI Validation Configuration diagram

Figure 1: MATRIXX OCI Validation Configuration


  • Linear Scalability: We showcased the linear scalability of MATRIXX’s real-time processes across multiple sub-domains and virtual CPUs, highlighting the solution’s ability to handle increasing workloads effortlessly.
  • Consistent Performance: MATRIXX charging sub-domains were deployed across distant OCI regions, separated by several hundred kilometers, yet maintained consistent performance. This flexibility is essential for telco operators with a wide geographic footprint.
  • Fault Tolerance: In active-hot standby mode, we demonstrated flawless performance of two physically separate charging engines. When the active engine was disrupted, the system automatically failed over to the second hot standby engine without any loss of data or processing. This level of fault tolerance is crucial for uninterrupted service.
  • Automated Recovery: We successfully showcased automated recovery capabilities, further emphasizing the system’s resilience. In the event of a disruption to the active engine, the solution seamlessly switched to the hot standby engine, ensuring continuous operations.
  • Durability and Consistency: Long-running processes were executed flawlessly, highlighting the durability and consistency of performance, both crucial factors for managing telco revenue streams effectively.

OCI Latency diagram

Figure 2: TPS Scalability With 2 Sub-Domains


Real-World Simulations Mean More Than Stripped-Down Laboratory Data

We take pride in our commitment to real-world simulation during validation exercises. It is not uncommon to find telco software vendors publishing benchmarks and validation results generated with simplified network traffic data and pricing structures. That approach is almost certain to produce impressive results, having stripped out the complexities of the realities of today’s mobile offers that are built upon numerous relationships between and across services, subscribers and balances. The MATRIXX-OCI validation focused on simulating production-ready environments with a validation dataset that included 4G and 5G network traffic, complex account and balance relationships and realistic pricing structures that reflect the operations of a large CSP. The MATRIXX-OCI validation dataset had the following characteristics:

  • 3.5 Million Active Devices: Representing the scale of a large telco operator.
  • 40,000 TPS Total Network Usage Requests: Including session management, quota management, rating and recording of reported usage.
  • Complex Offers and Pricing: Reflecting the innovation and expansion of telco business models.
  • Both 4G and 5G Scenarios: Testing across DIAMETER protocols, 5G SBA protocols and IT provisioning APIs.
  • URLLC Ready: Ensuring that the average end-to-end latency across all network requests was less than 10 milliseconds, a critical requirement for supporting latency-sensitive applications like 5G ultra-reliable, low-latency (URLL) communications.

“This is another successful demonstration of the performance and efficiency of MATRIXX digital monetization with OCI,” said Chris Gibson, VP of Product Management, MATRIXX. “Our telco customers around the world are in various stages of their transition to the cloud, and we are pleased to work with partners like Oracle to offer our customers guidance on their journey and help them manage risk, reduce costs and leverage platforms for innovation.”

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: A Next-Generation Cloud Built for Speed, Performance and Cost Savings

The MATRIXX validation program is hosted in two Oracle Cloud Regions: Oracle Cloud Monterrey Region and Oracle Cloud Querétaro Region. Among the large variety of common services that OCI provides in each region, the MATRIXX Digital Monetization validation relied on the Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE), Oracle Load Balancer, and Oracle File Store.

OCI is a deep and broad platform of cloud infrastructure services that enables customers to build and run a wide range of applications in a scalable, secure, highly available, and high-performance environment. From application development and business analytics to data management, integration, security, AI, and infrastructure services including Kubernetes and VMware, OCI delivers comprehensive security, performance, and cost savings. In addition, with multicloud, hybrid cloud, public cloud, and dedicated cloud options, OCI’s distributed cloud offers customers the benefits of cloud with greater control over data residency, locality, and authority, even across multiple clouds.

With OCI, telcos can be confident that their MATRIXX real-time digital monetization engine scales and seamlessly adapts to changing workloads and customer demands, manages mission-critical monetization functions, and cost-effectively processes their revenue streams.

“The validation of MATRIXX digital monetization on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is great news for telco companies as they continue migrating to the cloud,” said Angel Alija, SVP of Telco, Oracle LAD. “Now they can benefit from the competitive cost, performance, and security of OCI.”

Reaffirming the MATRIXX Commitment to Telco Transformation and Innovation

The successful validation is a significant achievement for both MATRIXX and our telco operator customers. It showcases the power of our cloud native architecture and the robustness of OCI, offering telco operators reliable, secure and cost-effective solutions for their evolving needs. As the telco industry continues to embrace the cloud, MATRIXX remains at the forefront, delivering innovative and dependable solutions that drive success in the digital era.

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