MATRIXX Continues to Deploy World-Class Solutions and Bring on Key Leadership

Dave Labuda

MATRIXX just marked our 10th anniversary. It’s been an exciting journey and a lot of hard work, but we have established ourselves as the best technology and thought leaders in our space. Congratulations to the whole team and thank you for your efforts toward our growth and success.

Global Digital Transformation Projects 2019

2019 is proving to be an exciting and pivotal year for MATRIXX. The velocity of our global digital transformation projects is accelerating, including six new customer launches scheduled for the first half of this year. We continue to expand our solution footprint at a rapid pace to more completely cover the needs of digital operators, including refining our solution to be fully cloud-native and 5G ready. As carriers around the world realize that digital transformation, 5G monetization and cloud-native technologies are the keys to future success and growth for their businesses, they are turning more and more to MATRIXX and we are dedicated to ensuring that they can rely on us as a trusted partner and thought leader.

Operator Customer Diversity

We have a diverse set of operator customers around the world that are in different stages of digitalization and cloud-native initiatives, 5G network rollouts, IoT and vertical strategy development. As MATRIXX matures, I have decided to establish a CTO office. This appointment will enable us to engage closely with a growing set of operators to assist in developing and refining their architectural strategies and evolution of their BSS infrastructure, therefore, driving the success of these initiatives. 

Marc Price Hired as MATRIXX Global CTO

To that end, we’ve hired Marc Price as our global CTO. Hiring Marc and establishing a CTO office with regional resources will provide the global technology and architecture strategy services at scale to ensure ongoing successful deployments and transformation projects. 

Marc brings nearly three decades of Telco experience to MATRIXX. He is recognized as a leading expert in telecommunications systems and the architectural impacts of moving BSS and OSS components to cloud environments as well as bringing vital functions closer to the network as part of the evolution to 5G. He’s worked extensively with operators to define strategies and deploy world-class solutions involving charging, rating, billing, policy and analytics. 

As CTO, Marc is responsible for the overall vision and technology strategy for software and solutions delivery and building the global CTO office function. He will work with our engineering, product management, services leadership team and me to drive our industry-leading technology. He’ll also spearhead strategic engagements with key customers and partners.

The establishment of the CTO Office also enables me to focus primarily on my role as CEO. As an engineer at heart, I’ll continue to be involved in the architectural vision and design of MATRIXX. Adding Marc’s experience and expertise to the team will help us further accelerate our growth while maintaining MATRIXX’s guiding principles of partnering with integrity and delivering a superior solution that empowers our customers. 

I’m excited about Marc joining the MATRIXX team and helping our customers navigate and succeed in this disruptive era. 

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