MATRIXX Software Is a Triple 2023 TITAN Women In Business Awards Winner

Jennifer Kyriakakis

When I co-founded MATRIXX Software in 2009, I wasn’t thinking about the optics of starting a company in the telco industry as a woman. I was thinking about how there was a clear need to help communications service providers around the world find new ways to monetize after the iPhone hit the scene and made it clear that mobile service was about to become more than just minutes and text messages.

All the same, I am honored to share that MATRIXX, our CEO Glo Gordon, and myself have all been recognized by the International Awards Associate (IAA), in collaboration with the TITAN Women In Business Awards.

On behalf of Glo and the entire MATRIXX team, I’d like to extend our congratulations to the other honorees who collectively represent over 30 nations across the globe, including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Portugal, Canada, United Arab Emirates, and more.

As we work to build new industry-wide, open architectures and standards and support our customers on their digital monetization journeys, the women on our team are contributing at every level, offering their diverse perspectives and making MATRIXX stronger as a company.

IAA’s spokesperson, Thomas Brandt, explained the purpose of these awards as follows:

“TITAN awardees are emblematic pillars of dedication and unrivaled performance. Their journey towards success, fueled by an unwavering commitment, not only propels their entities to the forefront but also lays down a trail of inspiration for future leaders to emulate.”

Laying down a path for women to succeed is what we strive to do at MATRIXX and a priority for our leadership teams. These awards are a reminder that prioritizing diversity and empowerment leads to greater contributions across all industries and functions.

I look forward to continuing to transform telecommunications alongside Glo and the rest of the women of MATRIXX into 2024 and beyond.

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