MATRIXX Data Migration

Course: DM01


About the Course

Duration: Two Days

The transition from legacy systems to MATRIXX is an important activity; this course provides an engineered strategy to reduce risk and gives hands-on practical experience with the tools available.

A detailed examination of the different approaches to migration is carried out with perspectives from both business and technical aspects. Each approach is considered along with relative advantages and challenges. Planning activities that must be carried out are studied along with roles, responsibilities and deliverables.

The target MATRIXX data model is considered both from the API-view and as an unload into a traditional relational model. Tools for bulk loading and loading through the API are used to carry out migration of data from a hypothetical source system. Hands-on lab exercises reinforce this with the use of test_app and through MATRIXX ReST API calls.

Finally, verification techniques are explored, and the migration case study is confirmed using all techniques.

Topics include:

  • MATRIXX Data Model
  • Migration Planning
  • MATRIXX API-Based Migration
  • Migrating Data Using test_app
  • Migration Technology Selection
  • Migration Verification


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