Testing MATRIXX Pricing

Course: TE01


About the Course

Duration: Three Days

Background information is given where necessary to support the key lab exercises of performance and pricing testing. MATRIXX-supplied Seagull event generator is used to generate streams of events, and standard tools are used to monitor the results. Sample price plans are used to identify and investigate edge cases and create test runs to confirm correct behavior. MATRIXX supplies several mechanisms to monitor and report the results of test runs. Each tool is studied and used in the training environment along with simple “generate and send” utilities to exercise the MATRIXX system.

Topics include:

  • Managing the Test Environment
  • Performance Testing
  • Introduction to MATRIXX Integration
  • MATRIXX Pricing
  • Validating and Compiling Pricing
  • Testing MATRIXX Pricing
  • MATRIXX Field Services Test Framework
  • Complex Pricing Testing
  • Regression Testing


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