Reinventing BSS with MATRIXX Digital Commerce
A Monetization Platform for 5G

MATRIXX Digital Commerce: BSS Reinvented


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Network Service Control

Control plane access and real-time charging to circuit-switched and IP based services

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Modern Commerce Tools

Packaging, promoting and selling tools enabling frictionless commerce through all channels

To Lead 5G Tomorrow, BSS Needs to Change Today

Want to be a digital leader? It begins by reinventing your IT.

Better customer experience. New monetization models. Webscale performance. From rich digital experience on 4G networks to next-generation charging for 5G networks, better outcomes and performance from your BSS means choosing a different approach to IT.

  • Siloed IT with multiple systems forcing separate processes and limiting flexibility

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  • Unified Platform consolidates systems and simplifies processes for unmatched agility
  • Bespoke Systems that rely on coding and services for everything

  • Product-First with click-not-code configuration and 90% of use cases out of the box
  • Legacy Technology that lacks flexibility, real-time performance and scalability

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  • Modern High-Performance, cloud native platform on a lightweight footprint

Essential Elements of IT Reinvention

MATRIXX Digital Commerce was built from the ground up to put operators back in control, to empower transformation and create digital leaders. Why can’t legacy OCS and BSS platforms compete? This is why:

Engineered Product,
API-First Design

Fast-track revenue diversification. Encourage service innovation. Experiment with new revenue models. With 90% of use-cases live out of the box, and click-not-code configuration, operators can take control of their business without change orders.

High-Performance, Transactional Database

Ultra-low latency performance. Extremely high transaction-per-second throughput. Data model capable of ensuring performance regardless of business rule complexity. Run your business in real-time, giving customers confidence and control.

One Platform, All Services

Consolidate systems. Eliminate redundant and end-of-life systems. Reduce operational costs. Rearchitect cost structure by improving agility through a single configuration point.

Extensible and Upgradeable

Software licensing model. Product upgrades included at no additional cost. Modern, future proof platform. Invest in a future proof platform that can grow with your business.

“Simply recreating existing applications as 'digital' isn’t good enough. We believe that the technology developed by MATRIXX Software can help every operator achieve its transformation objectives.”
Susan Buttsworth
3 International Opportunities Development

Better Than an OCS. More Than a CCS.

MATRIXX Digital Commerce is more than just an OCS for rating 3G/4G data traffic and maintaining customer balances. It is more than just a next-generation charging platform for 5G networks. It is a complete reinvention of BSS to give operators the flexibility, scalability and performance they need to compete and win.

MATRIXX Digital Commerce platform

MATRIXX Digital Commerce Also Provides:

  • Cloud native, microservices architecture
  • 5G converged charging (CHF/CCS)
  • API gateway for app and OSS/BSS integration
  • Configurable technical product catalog
  • Native policy control (PCRF)
  • Native circuit-switched voice/SMS charging
  • Payment gateway adapters
  • Non-telco event-based charging
  • Contracts and device financing
  • GL reporting and taxation

Dive Deeper

Learn more about how MATRIXX Digital Commerce brings traditional charging, policy and circuit-switched control functions together with modern commerce tools into a single platform.

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