The Need For Digital B2B Use Cases

Paul Gainham
Jun 27, 2022 B2B

Killer App or Killer Environment?

In early engagements with telco enterprise teams our sales teams position the benefits of MATRIXX Software’s real-time dynamic monetization capabilities and value. As sure as night follows day, most prospect engagements go something like this; “like it, now show me the money, show me the specific, tangible use cases I can deliver NOW with this magic!”

Maybe it’s a result of the years of 5G hype we have been through, but when they say specific, tangible and NOW, they mean it! They do not want futuristic discussions of autonomous vehicles, or remote surgery.

Clearly this discussion is not all about 5G, important as it is. Instead, it is a discussion centered on growth. With consumer markets relatively flat or low, the demand for growth is falling increasingly on telco enterprise groups to deliver. Combine that with the “pandemic acceleration” of digital adoption and the need to re-imagine the B2B commercial model, and customer experience — particularly in the small-medium enterprise segment — is palpable.

That growth cannot wait, hence the sense of urgency around practical, tangible use cases.

At MATRIXX, our approach has been to define a series of digital B2B use cases across a number of areas: small-medium enterprise, large enterprise and 5G. We call them “digital use cases” as they focus on the enhanced, additional or formative value the MATRIXX approach to real-time commerce brings to those use cases.

As an example, we don’t “enable” SD-WAN, it likely already exists in the portfolio, but what if we could add new business model capabilities, such as real-time application utilization, real-time cloud storage, compute and network utilization and finally real-time 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) primary or back-up link utilization to the base service? Value-added differentiators, when presented via a real-time digital marketplace and as part of an end-user self-help strategy, will provide sustainable differentiation in a fiercely competitive market.


MATRIXX Digital Dozen ebook cover
MATRIXX Digital Dozen ebook p8

The Digital Dozen eBook contains an overview of 12 of the most popular digital B2B use cases we often share in prospect and customer engagements. They are specific, tangible use cases that can be deployed into the B2B portfolio of most telcos NOW!

But here’s the rub. In many of these conversations, much of the initial discussion is driven by prospects seeking to differentiate themselves at a portfolio level. In essence, they seek the “killer app” in what is a commoditizing market. In my opinion, there is no killer app and looking for one is similar to chasing a mirage. There Is a killer environment, however, and that IS the differentiator.

That environment is the elevation and infusion of real-time digital service delivery capabilities into the B2B portfolio and enhancing the portfolio value by creating a sustainable, digital service delivery model. This model delivers true in-market agility and adaptability, massively improved time to market and reduced cost-to-serve.

The telco benefits with this model by improving cash flow and cash collection, and reducing bad debt risk and revenue leakage. The enterprise user, meantime, benefits from flexible payment terms alongside self-help, real-time spend control and transparent, accurate and assured usage insights across the entire B2B portfolio that allow for informed business decisions.

That environment offers a game changing experience that never commoditizes.

So, whether its SD-WAN, IoT, hybrid telecommuters, Fixed Wireless Access, 5G mobile VPN, multi-cloud brokerage, private cellular/edge networking or others, the “digital dozen” B2B use cases break through the hype, delivering real world growth opportunities for telco B2B groups and, unfortunately, put the remote surgeon out of work.

Somebody had to.

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