Delivering personalized experiences at scale with real-time transparency

Key Objectives for NOS

Strengthen the investment in a deep digital transformation

Lead a digital-centric customer experience while converging towards a customer-centric model.

Achieve excellence in the user experience of products and services

Provide valuable features that are easy to use, engaging and accessible.

Deepen our relationship with the enterprise

Deliver innovations that serve the digital transformation of companies.

Empower the organization for future challenges

Develop an ecosystem that enables both business and technical agility.

Jorge Graça image
We aim to continuously innovate and create impactful digital experiences for our customers. A 5G-enabled world will look very different than what we have today, and it is imperative to have a partner like MATRIXX to empower us with a future-proof platform for rapid transformation.”
Jorge Graça CTO, NOS

Why MATRIXX Was Selected

Supporting NOS goals and replacing the incumbent, MATRIXX was selected for its converged charging system for all services across B2B and B2C, including:

  • Click-Not-Code Agility

    To maintain competitiveness into the future

  • Real-Time Capability

    To achieve excellence in user experience

  • Support for New 5G Business Models

    To deepen offerings for the enterprise

MATRIXX: Purpose-Built to Deliver the Performance of a Network Function and the Configurability of an IT Application

In POC trials against multiple vendors, MATRIXX Digital Commerce proved itself to be the best charging platform on the market.

Cloud Native

Deployment across public and/or private clouds


Seamless integration across the ecosystem

Predictable Low Latency

Real-time performance

Proven Interoperability

With multi-vendor 5G SA network elements

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