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MATRIXX Digital Commerce

Discover how Vodafone created a digital
experience for their enterprise customers.

Vodafone New Zealand: A Better Digital Spend and Service Management Experience for Enterprises

Looking to digitize and further differentiate their enterprise offering, Vodafone brought an industry-first, real-time spend management capability to market. Built on the MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform, the new offering empowered companies of all sizes — from small businesses to large corporations — with real-time functionality.

These capabilities make it easy to:

    • Self-monitor employee usage
    • Control costs on-demand
    • Reduce dependence on account management

Red Share for Business went live in November 2014

Planning telco spend with no visibility of monthly costs is futile.

Only MATRIXX: Real-Time Control on an Enterprise Scale

As a solution for their enterprise needs, Vodafone deployed MATRIXX because they wanted to:

    • Enable real-time spend management via asset sharing with control for thousands of users simultaneously
    • Eliminate bill disputes by giving business customers the tools to manage their spending proactively
    • Differentiate from the competition by offering business customers the same rich digital experience that consumers enjoy

One Source of Digital Commerce for Enterprise and Consumers

With MATRIXX Digital Commerce, Vodafone is also creating compelling digital experiences
for consumers through one unified platform.


The Results of Digital Transformation

Since going live in 2014, MATRIXX has enabled Vodafone to maintain its leadership position in the New Zealand market.

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Differentiation via Real-Time Spend Management

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Decrease in Customer Churn

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First to Market with Enterprise Data Sharing

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Increase in Business NPS

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Reduction in Billing Disputes

How MATRIXX Was Able to Deliver:

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Unique database technology that enabled real-time spend control at scale over shared enterprise plans, unrivaled by other systems

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Configuration-based software that facilitated the rapid delivery of business requirements without any customization

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API-based integration allowed network systems and ERP components to be interfaced quickly without heavy systems integration

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